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This sucks.

I went home for the Thanksgiving holiday, ate amazing food, then I came back to Florida and woke up with a stuffy nose and splitting headache.

I HATE taking medicine, and since the soup and tea don’t seem to be helping, I asked our Facebook followers what they thought I should do to get better; so here are 5 home remedies that they say really work.

  1. Fireball – I guess drinking the cold away has been successful for some.
  2. Vicks- Someone told me to put vapor rub on the soles of my feet and to then put on comfy socks to help with coughing.
  3. Mint Leaves and Steam – Our night show host, Kevin Kon told me to steam mint leaves and sit over the steam with a blanket over my head. Apparently,  the vapor will open up my nasal passages and make me feel better.
  4. Saline spray – One listener told me to spray this up my nose all day to help keep me clear.
  5. Tea – I’ve been drinking tea, but a listener told me to drink lemon ginger tea with honey, lemon and a pinch of cayenne.

In addition to these remedies, our webguy suggested this:

Catch a goat (it only works if you actually catch the goat yourself), milk it, put one tablespoon of honey in the goat’s milk along with 2 teaspoons of pepper, pour it all over your head and inhale deeply. Your cold should be gone within at least a week.

Needless to say, I won’t be chasing any goats, so Vicks vapor rub it is!



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