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Holiday traveling can be brutal.

At times the weather sucks, there are more people on the roads so you have more traffic, and road trips can feel like forever especially when you’re tired.

I experienced all this this past weekend. I traveled to Atlanta for a wedding, and I had to travel back the very next day for work.

Needless to say, I was pooped!

However, I did come up with some interesting ways to stay alert while driving and to help pass the time on boring stretches of highway.

  1. Have a sing-a-long – We all know that music is a road trip must, but ditch the slow melodious love songs and play upbeat music. It also helps to pick song that you know all the words to so you keep yourself entertained.
  2. Talk on the phone – I love SAFELY talking on the phone while driving via my bluetooth radio. Talking on the phone really helps the time go by especially when you’re traveling alone.
  3. Eat – Snacking while road tripping may be bad for your diet, but great for keeping our alert. I like to have little bite size piece of chocolate while I’m driving to give me  little caffeine kick when I start to feel sleepy.
  4. Take a break – If you’re anything like me you hate stopping while road tripping but sometimes a bathroom break a good stretch is all you need to give you that second wind yo complete your journey
  5.  Roll down your windows – The fresh cool air definitely help to keep you alert, and give you the wake up jolt you need to complete your trip.

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