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The Harvey Weinstein affect has taken Hollywood by storm. More and more women are coming forward with what some are calling the #metoo movement. It seems like everyday someone new is coming forward about THEIR assault stories about sexual predators in Hollywood and it has snowballed at an alarming rate. The other day Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual assault by more than one person. Today Cassidy Freeman from Smallville came forward about Entourage star, Jeremy Piven. She put up a shocking INSTAGRAM post that read, @jeremypiven You will deny this because, sadly, she’s deniable. The backlash this woman received was horrendous. And whether or not her accusations are true, the TRUTH is I know you. I know what you did and attempted to do to me when I was far too young. THAT I know. And you know it too. Unless there were so many of us, that you can’t remember. Predatory behavior is a chronic way for you to seek power. Do you feel powerful? With your lawyers and your networks and your die hard man-fans who call your victims bimbos? Or do you know, in your rotten gut, that you will have to lie for the rest of your life? I hope from now on, you keep it in your pants and you never get to do it again.

Director BRETT RATNER ( Rush Hour, Hercules, X-MEN The Last Stand, Horrible Bosses) is being accused by 6 women of sexual misconduct, one of which is Olivia Munn. Another woman by the name of Melanie Kohler posted on facebook, “Brett Ratner raped me,” adding he is “a rapist on at least one night in Hollywood about 12 years ago.”
Allegedly, he “preyed on me as a drunk girl [and] forced himself upon me.” She has since taken the post down for fear of a lawsuit. Brett is suing for defamation and other damages. Olivia Munn posted on her INSTAGRAM ( Which we can’t post due to profanity) But you can look her up on INSTAGRAM @Oliviamunn (HINT: It’s a crochet of the saying BOYS WILL BE BOYS with the last BOYS crossed out and filled in with “will be held accountable for their %^&* actions).


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The cast was released for the live action movie THE LION KING. All of your dreams are about to come true because BEYONCE has been cast as NALA. Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) will play SIMBA, James Earl Jones will return to his role as MUFASA, and Alfre Woodard will play SARABI. Seth Rogan will also star in the live action movie as the voice of PUMBA. THE LION KING will hit theaters July 19, 2019.

Kylie Jenner posted a photo to her INSTAGRAM the other day and some are saying it’s a cryptic message revealing the gender of her baby. It was a picture of her hand. She had her nails painted pale pink with a bunch of pink butterfly rings on her fingers. Could it be a girl?

💞 shoot day

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Could “BELENA” already be back together? The couple was spotted out AGAIN yesterday together riding bikes and smiling and laughing. Some sources are saying they are just hanging out as friends, some say they are already back to being a couple. Allegedly, Wednesday morning the couple went on a romantic bike ride where Selena would cuddle up against Justin during breaks.

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