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There’s a new survey that reveals 80% of people say something bad happens if they break one of the following “Laws of Superstition.” You may not even realize that you believe in these because it’s just a part of our daily lives but some take it VERY seriously.

Some believe that if a black cat passes your path it means something “bad” is coming, a broken mirror signifies “bad luck” and if your RIGHT hand gets itchy, it means money is coming in!

Whatever superstition YOU believe in, here are the MOST COMMON:

  1. Walking under a ladder
  2. Knocking on wood
  3. Saying “Bless You” when someone sneezes
  4. Crossing your fingers
  5. Picking up a penny
  6. Breaking a wishbone and making a wish
  7. Throwing salt over your shoulder after you spill it
  8. Not opening an umbrella indoors
  9. Not telling anyone your wish after you blow out your birthday candles
  10. Avoiding the number 13

LISTEN to Chad, Jill and Lil’ Boss talk about their superstitions below…


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