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Your zodiac sign can tell a lot about you1! There’s an astrologist that went through all 12 zodiac signs and made a list of the best cities to live in based on when you were born.

Here they are:

  • ARIES– Best city is Chicago! It’s a big city and you need excitement. You also need to escape and be able to access nature.
  • TAURUS (Chad’s sign)– Best city is Westport, Conneticut. You also need to be in a big city and it’s an hour from NY. But you would rather own a home than rent, so you would do best living in the suburbs.
  • GEMINI– Best city is London. You are very into learning new things and continuing your education and London has plenty of museums and schools.

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  • CANCER– Best city is Charleston, South Carolina. You like privacy but want to be well off financially and have a family, so this makes the best city for all three.
  • LEO– Best city is Ibiza. You like to be the entertainer out of all your friends. You also need lots of sunshine!

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  • VIRGO– Best city is Stockholm, Sweden. You do best in cities that are orderly, close to nature and have communities where people look out for each other.
  • LIBRA (Jill’s sign)– Best city is Prague, Czech Republic. You like a lot of culture but like being in a safe place.
  • SCORPIO– Best city is Tokyo. You tend to gravitate towards things that are trendy but also intense. Tokyo is the perfect spot for both!

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  • SAGITTARIUS– Best city is Jerusalem. You need a place loaded with history but where you can also live simply and travel whenever you want.
  • CAPRICORN– Best city is Berlin, Germany. This place is somewhat cheap, stylish yet traditional and tend to be spacious, which is great because Capricorn’s have a tendency to hoard.
  • AQUARIUS (Lil’ Boss’ sign)– Best city is Austin, Texas. It’s a great city to live in for you because you like your own space but still like to be active and embrace your quirkiness.
  • PISCES– Best city is Salzburg, Austria. You need to be close to water and this works because it’s on a river! This is also good because you love music and it’s where Mozart was born and where¬†The Sound of Music¬†was filmed at.

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