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By Danie B

It’s cuffing season!

If you don’t know what this is, allow me to explain.

All spring and summer, people want to be out enjoying the weather, and they want to feel free to do whatever they want whenever they want.

People are wearing skimpier clothing and going on vacations, so because of this, people tend to prefer to be single until of course, cuffing season starts.

Cuffing season begins in the fall and last until winter. This is the time of year when people start looking to settle down, so that they can spend the winter months cuddled up with a special someone until spring come back around.

Because of this, fall is also the time of year where you notice your exes popping up out of nowhere and old flings start reappearing.

Well, I’m here to help you out.

Here are 5 ways for you to know if someone is really interested in you, or if they are just looking for a wintertime “placeholder.”

  1. They pursue you – If a person likes you (especially guys) they will go out of their way gain your attention and affection.  If a person’s not pursuing you, meaning they’re not calling you, returning your calls in a timely fashion or responding to your text messages etc, they may not be that interested in you.
  2. Are they present? – When a person is into you and really wants to gain your affection, they will pay attention to you. They will remember the things you told them about on the phone, and when they’re with you, they won’t spend the whole time on social media.
  3. They show that they care about your well being – When a person really cares about you, they’ll send text messages or make phone calls just to make sure you’re having a good day and to see how you’re doing. These phone calls will usually come during the day, afternoon, and early evening, NOT at 2am.
  4. They will invest time – We’re all busy people, so when a person pencils you in or rearranges their schedule just to spend time with you, that’s a sign that they are seriously interested.
  5. They’ll spend money – Love is NOT measured by how much a person spends on you, but if a person is willing to spend their money on you, you mean something to them. Even if it’s something small like a meal, or a small trinket, the fact that a person is thinking enough of you to go a store and buy something in hopes that you like it shows that their feelings are more than likely genuine.

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