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By Danie B
White faces with torches ablaze spewing hatred. A familiar image that some thought died out in the 70’s. These same many wonder why there’s a need for a black lives matter rallying call; why something like black lives matter needs to be affirmed. Charlottesville should serve as a suitable answer.

Over the weekend, white supremacists, nationalists, neo Nazis, KKK members … ┬ájust downright crappy people rallied together with tiki torches to affirm their hate for people of color. The whole thing took place in Charlottesville, VA, and ended with one person dying and 19 people injured after a man drove a car into a crowd of people protesting the rally.

This did not happen because of a group of white people got bored. This happened because of HATE. Hate, the poison that drives racist ideologies and prejudices based in fear and ignorance. The sad and disheartening part of all this is that hate is not something that is inherently passed down through DNA, it’s taught. It’s learned. This happened because somewhere down the line these people were taught to hate those who are different.

The fact that such a demonstration was allowed to happen infuriates me, however, I’m not surprised. ┬áThere have been countless peaceful Black Lives Matter rallies and other rallies to address the plight of people of color that are met with police in riot gear, tear gas, and tanks. However, when a known hate group rallies together in the name of white supremacy, abhorrence, and intimidation, and are allowed to protest with no consequence, there’s a serious problem. There should not have even been an opportunity for that guy to plow a car into a group of people. The whole demonstration should have been labeled an act of domestic terrorism and shut down from the very start.

This is why we need to be reminded that black lives matter; because the origins of this very country says the opposite; hell, the institutional injustices currently being swept under the rug also say different. So yes, as long that there is breath in my lungs, and blood pumping through my veins, I will continue to affirm that yours, mine and all of our black lives matter until the rest of this country … well, just until…



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