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The 5 Most Popular Nightmares and Their Meaning

By Danie B

Last night I had a horrible nightmare that I was being processed out of jail.

Needless to say, I’ve been watching too much Orange Is The New Black.

At any rate, nightmares are very common, and a lot of times they’re meant to tell you something.

To help you out,  here are the top 5 most popular nightmares and their meanings.

Being Chased

Being chased suggests that you’re running away from something that’s causing you anxiety. It could be a particular issue you’re trying to avoid or run away from; or the chaser could represent an aspect of yourself, ¬†whether it’s your anger, jealousy etc., that could manifest itself as a threatening figure in your life.

Being Naked In Public

This type of dream may symbolize uncertainty, not being able to find yourself, or being wrongly accused of something.


If you dream you’re falling, you’re overcome by fear. If you enjoy the feeling of falling in your dream, it suggests that you’re not afraid of the change that’s coming.

Teeth Falling Out

These types of dreams reflect some sort of anxiety surrounding your appearance. This type of dream could also reflect a feeling of powerless about something, fear of some sort of rejection, embarrassment, or feelings of unattractiveness.

Being Late

Dreaming that you’re late signifies worrying about taking a different direction in life or fear of not having enough time to complete something.

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