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The Most Terrifying Phobias

This morning, Jill came across a list of the most scariest phobias people have!! Below are the top 10:

  • Arachnophobia– Is the fear of spiders. This is the most common and some people can’t even talk about it because they get overwhelming chills over it. In fact, Lil’ Boss’ boyfriend has a big fear of them and Jill even got bit by a poisonous one.
  • Ophidiophobia– Is the fear of snakes. This is probably associated with a personal experience or fear of getting bitten.
  • Acrophobia– Is the fear of heights, which leads to many anxiety attacks.
  • Aerophobia– Is the fear of flying, which is actually a HUGE fear for our midday personality, Jessica Reyes! The symptoms include: rapid heartbeat, trembling and feeling disoriented.

  • Cynophobia– Is the fear of dogs. Again this may have to do with a personal experience or can be completely random like Lil’ Boss’ fear of cats.
  • Astraphobia– Is the fear of thunder and lightning. Being in Florida, this happens quite often so if you have this fear, you may want to think about moving because our weather is all over the place.

  • Trypanophobia– Is the fear of needles/injections. People usually avoid blood drives or medical exams because of this. Jill actually has a HUGE fear of going to the dentist!!
  • Social Phobia– Is the fear of being in social situations, otherwise known as “Social Anxiety Disorder.” People fear being watched when they walk into a room or just being humiliated. Which is understandable… no girl wants to fall while wearing heels.
  • Agoraphobia– Is the fear of being alone. This usually develops late 20’s into mid 30’s.
  • Mysophobia– Is the fear of germs. This would probably relate best to Howie Mandel. He can’t even shake people’s hands.

Listen to Jill, Lil’ Boss and Intern Boobie talk about their biggest phobias below…

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