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5 Tips For Reconnecting With Your Best Friends

By Danie B

I don’t know about you, but I only have a handful of people that I know are my real friends.

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Erika and Elisa have been my friends since 7th grade, and Dyron has been my friend since I started in radio back in 2010. As with most of life’s relationships, they grow and change as you grow and change.

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Erika, Elisa and I have experienced high school, prom, college and now adult life together; needless to say, our relationship has changed Β … alot. Elisa is married now, and pregnant with her and her husband’s second child, and Erika is in a committed relationship, and excelling in her corporate career. Dyron and I started as coworkers, but now, I’m working in Orlando, and his radio and voice over career keeps him pretty busy as well.

So, how do you keep your friendships fresh and active when life’s changes alter the dynamic?

Well, in honor of National Best Friend Day, here are some tips to reconnect with your best friends.

  1. Go on a trip together. My friends visit me, and we also plan trips and weekend get-a-ways together. We always have fun, we create new memories and that helps to keep our friendships thriving.
  2. Be present. Don’t always wait for your friend to call or text you, hit them up sometimes. Yes, life is busy, but just a “dropping in to say hey” text lets them know that your’re still in their corner.
  3. Utilize social media. You may not have time to talk for hours like you used to as kids, but it literally takes 15 seconds to send a funny snap chat video or share funny memes and videos on Instagram!
  4. Act now! When you think of your friend, reach out right then. I’m guilty of thinking, “Wow. I should reach out to Erika.” I then forget to do so, a week passes by and I feel like crap. When you think of your friends, reach out at that very moment.
  5. Accept them for who they become. As people we evolve, so that means our relationships evolve as well. As kids, you may have been your bestie’s first priority, but as your friends mature and start their own families, dynamics change . . . and that’s okay. You’re still very important to them, so don’t feel bad.


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