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By Danie B
I had the best weekend ever! I vacationed in California, then I spent time with the family in Atlanta and in South Carolina.

I returned to Orlando Wednesday morning only to get a flat tire on the way to the doctor’s office.

Thankfully, my dad made sure I knew how to change a tire, so I popped the trunk, grabbed my jack, tools and the spare tire, and got to work.

Now ladies, when we change tires, just know that guys will freak out.

Seriously, here’s what may happen. You may encounter the guy who drives past like he doesn’t see you, or the guy who changes it for you and saves the day, or you’ll have the guy who stands back and monitors what you’re doing.

This time around, I got the guy who stood back and monitored what I was doing. Here’s what happened.

In his defense, he didn’t physically help because he was headed to work and didn’t want to dirty his clothes, but he did find someone else to help me out. However, by the time this guy came, I’d pretty much completed the job.

At any rate, if you’re a girl who knows how to change your own tires, here are some tips to deal with the obstacles and weirdness that may occur when actually changing a tire.

  1. Don’t panic. Make sure you pull over to a safe spot and do what you know to do.
  2. Use your body weight. Lug-nuts are screwed on pretty tight, so when using the wrench to loosen the nut, stand on it to loosen and tighten your nuts.
  3. Lift from the legs. Tires can be pretty heavy, and you don’t want to throw your back out. If need be, squat and lift.
  4. Don’t gross yourself out. Changing a tire is dirty dirty work. Your hands and clothes will ┬ábe covered in dirt, which is something we all hate, but it washes out, so you’ll be okay.
  5. Be nice. Like I said before, guys WILL freak out and act weird to see that you actually know what you’re doing. If they want to help, let them. If the want to observe, okay, and if they drive past, whatever!



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