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5 Remedies For Post Workout Soreness

The other day, I ran into our program director, Dennis Martinez in the hall, so I said, “Hi!”

He then gave me a crazy look and immediately asked if I’d done squats that morning.

Oddly enough, I had, so I replied,”Yes, how did you know?” He then said, “You’re walking a little funny, so I just had to ask.”

We laughed, and then I got to thinking – post workout pain can be tough!

The stiffness and pain that can come after a hard workout can sometimes seem unbearable, so here are five cures for post workout muscle soreness.

  1. Tart Cherry Juice – Studies show that adding this to your post-workout recovery drink can help ease muscle soreness because the antioxidant compounds work to reduce inflammation.
  2. Coffee РStudies show that drinking coffee prior to workout reduces muscle soreness and fatigue by almost half. Author of the best selling Eat Right for Life series, Anne, Kulze, M.D even goes as far as recommending two cup of coffee prior to workouts.
  3. Ice – A hot bath will provide relaxation and mild pain relief, but icing actually prevents further muscle damage and speeds up healing. Next time you complete a tough workout, soothe your muscles with crushed ice in a water proof bag wrapped in a towel.
  4. Arnica РAccording to a Rheumatology International study, this is an herbal version of bengay that can be applied in the form of a gel or cream to help with swelling or soreness.
  5. Deep Tissue Massage – massaging muscles after workouts can increase blood flow and speed up the removal of inflammatory chemicals that produce soreness.
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