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By: Danie B.

Winter storm Stella is giving the northeast a serious beating. The temperatures are below freezing, the wind is raging, and the snow and ice have been causing traffic nightmares.

Even though I now live in Orlando, I felt the need to reminisce on my time with the snow.

It’s been about 8 months since I left upstate New York, and yes, I had some good times in the snow. Snow is beautiful when it first falls. The way the light hits it at daybreak is breathtaking; it sometimes even seems to brighten everything around it, transforming an ordinary neighborhood into a magical winter wonderland.

That feeling, however, is short lived because snow is extremely cold-hearted. As soon as a swift wind comes into play, snow will slap you across your face leaving a numb stinging sensation that you just can’t seem to escape. Then the salt used to melt the snow and clear the roads comes in to save you, or so you think. However, the salt ruins the paint on your car and the leather on your stylishly amazing Steve Madden combat boots (no, I’m still not over that).

So yes, I’ve had some great days with snow. I’ve snuggled up in my blankets and watched movies as the snow covered my windowsill, and I’ve sipped on hot chocolate while staring at the snow falling, but the good times are scarred by the abuses of shoveling and the trauma of pumping gas in sub zero temperatures.

So snow, there are things about you that I do at times miss, but for the most part, I’m glad that I left you behind.



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