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Accoording to the DailyMail, These are the ten most germ-covered things you touch every day at your office.

  1. The water cooler. The little button you touch, and the part where the water comes out.
  2. The office fridge. The inside is probably gross at your office, and the handle is covered in germs too often because people are touching it with their dirty hands.
  3. The microwave… so greasy! Please wipe it down!
  4. The soap dispenser in the bathroom (ironic?)
  5. Your desk (which has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat).
  6. Your computer keyboard.
  7. Your mouse.
  8. The office printer and copier.
  9. Headphones. Sweat and earwax are a magnet for germs, so just don’t use any shared headphones. Only use your own and don’t share them with anyone else.
  10. Communal pens and pencils… because sometimes people like to chew them, gross!

All of these are nearly impossible to avoid in the typical everyday office, so just make sure you wash your hands a little more often and wipe things down regularly.


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