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The Biggest Mistake In a Relationship That You Could Possibly Make

All the time we are reading about relationships. There are movies about relationships…The good, the bad, the ugly. What we should do…what we shouldn’t do…what we should NEVER do…what we should ALWAYS do…It’s never ending.

It can be confusing. One of the things that I have ready a lot lately is that being alone is OK. Some people feel that they have to be with someone to be important or valid.

According to MIND BODY GREEN there is one huge mistake that apparently we all have made in the past or are currently making at this time.

Jumping from relationship to relationship…I call it chain dating.

Look, here is the cold hard fact is that no one LOVES being alone. We might like being alone sometimes, but all day everyday…not a chance. People get lonely, and yes I think there is a difference between being alone and lonely.

Personally, I always rathered be alone than with the wrong person. Being in a relationship with someone you don’t want to be in a relationship with is pure torture.

When I was single I enjoyed being single. I came home…made whatever food I wanted…answered to no one ( except my dogs) throw my clothes where I wanted…I watched what I wanted…it was great.

If you don’t get to experience all of that for the good and bad, you’ll never know or realize what you have when you are in a relationship.

You’re never going to be happy with someone else until you are happy being alone.

Or Maybe you could just be perpetually single…like the gals of Sex in the City…and hey…let’s face it…there’s nothing wrong with that.

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