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The Latest Scandal With Tori Spelling And “True Tori” Television Series

Ok, so I’ll be the first to admit…I LOVE THIS SHOW! I love Tori Spelling…I love everything about this show…
SO, I may not watch Real Housewives…but, I do still have my vices. I don’t know how other people feel about this…other than the popular consensus that TORI AND DEAN ARE A MESS!!!!

They have had show after show…and I have to say…If I miss one…I feel like I forgot to put my underwear on that day…
…something just isn’t right!

First they were dating…then planning a wedding…then they had a baby…then another…followed by another….and another…and another.
In the midst of that…she almost dies from giving birth to the 4th child.

I’ll admit I strayed for a bit and wasn’t even aware there WAS a fourth child until a few months after. Also, somewhere in there…she was a party planner and planning people’s weddings for them.

THEN…after all of this…we find out…DEAN CHEATS ON HER!!!!

OH, OH…and now he’s apparently some kind of sex addict.

You can’t make this #$*% up!

So…recently if you have ( or have not ) been watching TRUE TORI You have seen all 800 of their therapy sessions. Dean is finally living back home…but BOY is there anger…SOOOOO MUCH ANGER!!!!!

Dean basically says…”Oh sorry” in about 100 different ways. Sometimes you feel bad for him, sometimes you want to throw a pie in his face.

Tori knows she should leave him, but they have 4 kids…and deep down it’s clear she doesn’t want to…even tho it doesn’t seem she’s too terribly happy with him in the first place. According to a clip on www.perezhilton.com, Tori talks about how much she did to “keep” Dean (beacause let’s face it you KNOW him cheating has always been in the back of her mind seeing as they were both married to other people when they got together0.

Here is a clip from episode 8 from LIFETIME. Check out this clip of Dean storming out and Tori getting real with her therapist….

Poor Tori…I know I know…daughter of Aaron Spelling with lots of money…boohoo…but none the less…she still has 4 kids to raise and that’s scarey to think about doing alone.

Makes your own problems seem not so big…I guess I shouldn’t get on to my husband for not taking the trash out the second it’s full.


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