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20 Fun And Original Date Ideas

Since today is Wednesday, you may already have a date planned for Friday or Saturday night. If you are tired of doing the same ole, same ole…here are some new and original ideas to do on dates according to MINDBODYGREEN.com.

I’ll be honest…some of these are down right ridiculous. But some seem like they may  be kind of fun.  Here is what I think…you be the judge.

1. Surprise yourselves with new music.

Find some new and obscure bands playing around town and go take a chance…that could be fun.

2. Take a really long one-way walk.

This sounds like the worst date ever.

3. Go halfsies planning the evening.

This could be either really awesome…or really terrible.  You could wind up at a great place…or at his best friends house playing video games…God, lets hope not.

4. Make a fort.

Unless you’re going to make-out in it…nope!  If a guy asked me on a date and we built a fort…you’d probably see a Jill shaped hole in the front door…UNELSS he has a child…then it’s kinda cute.

5. Have a seven-course dinner… at six different places.

My inner fat kids loves this.

6. Try something neither of you have done before.

My vote would be Paul Blart style segways…

7. Do a double feature.

This could be fun if you cook…and watch movies…unless he has horrible tastes in movies…but we could all stand to be exposed to something different…right?

8. Check out a drive-in movie.

Unless it’s summertime in Orlando…NEXT!

9. Make a music mix for each other.

Does this sound like a mix tape session to anyone else?

10. Hit the video game arcade.

Kill me

11. Get ice-cream.

That’s 2 for 2 with my inner fat kid.

12. Have a “cultured” date.

This website suggests a lecture….feels like school …

13. Shhhh. Make it a silent date.


14. Sneak into a rooftop pool.

Of course…getting arrested on a date is awesome.

15. Visit the old neighborhood.

I don’t get it.

16. Make it a mystery dinner.

This is a cool idea…go to a place neiter of you have ever been before…somewhere obscure…if it stinks…who cares…you’ll giggle and probably have fun anyway.

17. Re-enact your first date.

This is cute….unless, of course, it is your first date.

18. Cook a five-course meal together.

Five is a little extensive…if you are too iffy with cooking maybe start with 3. Cute Idea though.

19. Pop over to the nearest playground.

See reaction to #4.

20. Pretend to be tourists.

I have done this before and would do it again. Best idea yet.


Have fun!!!!

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