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7 Dating Tips For Women From Men

What’s the best way for a woman to understand what a man wants?

It’s simple. Let the man tell you what to do! We don’t mean tell you what to do as in “Make me a sandwich,” more of advice, on how to act when dating.

Often times, we find ourselves lost and confused when trying to navigate the scary world of relationships. We walk fine lines and try to be on our A game, when in reality, we have no idea what we’re doing.

So let’s take a look at what men think women should do when dating.

1. Be yourself. Don’t try to be someone that you’re not. If you act a certain way in the beginning to make yourself look more appealing, then halfway through the relationship show your true colors, then the man will think you’ve changed.

2. Don’t get drunk. A first date is awful and awkward. There tends to be a lot of nervous energy and squirming in your seat. So what do we do to calm the nerves? We order wine. Yeah, according to men, don’t do that. Let them get to know you better. If you get drunk right off the bat, you’re letting them see you a mess which raises red flags.

3. Men can be afraid of commitment. To a man, the word commitment is scary. It means you are committing yourself to one person and to stray away and play means you break a commitment. Ease the relationship talk, especially if its date 2 or 3. If you come out strong and tell him you’re ready for a relationship, he might back off.

4. Say no. Men want it, especially after date 1. It’s a superiority thing. But if after date 1, tell them goodnight and you’ll see them again soon, it’s almost a sigh of relief. Men secretly want to be told no on the first date. And let’s be honest, giving it up after only knowing someone for a few hours is king of ganky.

5. Don’t constantly call. Sometimes it’s cute to wake up to a text or call from that one person you have your eye on, but men often times don’t initiate that conversation to avoid rejection. So let them know you like them and you want to keep talking to them, but let them call you once in a while.

6. Don’t assume you’re exclusive. Sometimes men casually date. And you may be girl 2 or 3. So don’t assume that when he asks you to come to his family’s house that you’re a couple. He may be testing the waters to see how you interact with his family. If you have to know your status, simply ask, “I don’t want to see other people. How do you feel about that?”

7. Men aren’t all the same. Time and time again, women classify all men as “pigs.” This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Sometimes you’ll come across those guys who simply change your world. They open doors for you, give you their jacket even if you don’t say you’re cold, they cook for you, etc. Don’t let one meat head ruin the entire experience of dating. You’ll know a good guy when you meet him. And when you do, let him know you’re interested.

Dating can be scary and sometimes, even defeating. But never give up. You WILL find that one guy who changes your perspective and he’ll be the one you fall for. Just don’t fall for him during date 2 at Applebees. That can be a fatal mistake.

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