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Top 10 Myths Of The Flu

My boss’s wife had the flu over the weekend and he is now bugging me about getting a flu shot. I haven’t had one since I was really young but I hear this year the flu is really bad so I’m considering it. I’ve heard a lot of different things about the virus so I looked up some of the biggest myths about it to help in my decision process. I’m still scared of that dang needle though. Did you get one?

Top 10 Myths Of The Flu

1. You get the flu from the vaccine.

If you get sick from getting the vaccine, it was bound to happen anyway. The shot doesn’t help instantaneously… it takes a week or two.

2. Healthy people don’t need to get vaccinated.

The flu shot is recommended for people who get ill often but also people who may spread the virus to others.

3. Getting the flu vaccination is all you need to do to protect yourself from the virus.

Try to stay away from those who have the virus and be sure to wash your hands frequently.

4. The flu is just a bad cold.

The virus causes some cold symptoms but it’s a lot more serious than that. Many are hospitalized and die from the flu each year.

5. You can’t spread the flu if you don’t feel sick. 

A lot of people who are carrying the virus show no symptoms whatsoever.

6. There’s no need to get a flu shot every year. 

The virus changes every year so you should get a shot routinely.

7. You can catch the flu from the cold weather or going outside with wet hair. 

The only way to catch the flu virus is by being exposed to it.

8. Feed a cold, starve a fever.

Not true. Drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated! Starving yourself will help nothing at all.

9. Chicken soup will help in your recovery. 

It might make your sore throat feel better but other than that, it doesn’t help anything else.

10. If you get a high fever that lasts more than 1 to 2 days from the virus you may need antibiotics.

Antibiotics may help but if your high fever lasts for more than 1 to 2 days or worsens you should always go see your doctor!

Read more here! And be sure to consult your doctor if you get the virus.


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