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Sammy Adams stopped by the 102 JAMZ studios and he sat down with our very own Melony Torres to dish on his life on the road and meet some of his fans.

Melony Torres:  “I have been on Instagram and twitter for the last day, you’ve been posting pictures of yourself chugging beers on stage…”

Sammy Adams: “It was only one picture!”

MT: “I saw at least like 3…”

SA:  “Maybe people retweeted the picture.”

MT: “So how was your 4th of July? Did you light any fireworks?”

SA: “I went and did a show, then I went to dinner, and then I went to bed. Really exciting 4th of July. It was cool though, it was fun, we did a show on the beach in Clearwater, a bunch of drunk people, super fun. Yeah some interesting stuff happened.”

MT: “Anyway, so you’re kind of a newer artist, how did you go from making songs on your Macbook to getting signed? How did that whole process happen?”

SA: “I still make demos on my Macbook, it’s the most comforatable because you’re alone, there’s no one around. When you’re in the studio there’s like an engineer, and people around.”

MT: “Do you get nervous?”

SA: “I don’t get nervous, but there’s always subconscious judgement, in the studio. When you’re home alone in your room, you can say anything you want and do anything you want. I mean, you can do that in the studio too. It was basically gaining confidence, building a fan base so you can tour. We started in the Northeast, got a bunch of college kids on board, made an album where the subject matter was very young. We did super well on iTunes, we turned down all the labels the first time around, to get the business side of our career right.”

MT: “I know that you do a lot of touring, it seems like you’re always on the road, when are you going to record the album?”

SA: “It’s already done baby!”

MT: “When is it coming out?”

SA: “Late August or early September. We have a second single coming out soon called “All Night Longer” which is really dope, so that’s fun.”

MT: “Is the second single as pop as the first single?”

SA: “Nah, it’s like a drinking anthem. You’ll like it, it’s good!”

Check out the pictures of Sammy Adams at the 102 JAMZ studios HERE.


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