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10 Things To Stop Tweeting About

We all have those followers on twitter that tweet every 30 minutes and sometimes their updates are interesting and other times they are nothing more than fishing for re-tweets. So here are 10 things to stop tweeting about!

10. The number of followers you have.

If you’re not doing it to brag, you’re doing it to get more followers.

9. Emotional breakthroughs

Good for you! You had an epiphany but sadly…posting about it to social media sites is cheesy. If you really had one, you wouldn’t need to post about it, it’d come out in your actions.

8. Morning photos.

No one…and I repeat NO ONE wants to see what people look like fresh out of bed. Even Victoria Beckham doesn’t look put together at 7am.

7. Speaking out of context.

If your status doesn’t make sense, people will judge you and make fun of you. Make sure it’s grammatically correct and has correct punctuation.

6. Your kid, dog, cat, cow, whatever you have.

Yes, your child or animal is your pride and joy, but to everyone else they’re a glorified Tamagatchi.

5. Your workout.

People “like” that you’re at the gym…but they know you only post about it to brag that you’re there.

4. Twitter itself.

If you tweet about twitter itself…just stop it.

3. The conference or event you’re at.

Remember…no one outside the conference cares.

2. Social Media.

You sound ridiculous when you talk about social media in general. Yes…it has changed the work force…no it’s not hard to do.

1. Food.

Posting about food is worse than tweeting about the gym. Unless you post a picture of an incredible dessert…then it’s ok.

Thanks to theoatmeal.com for their list!


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