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Karmin have established a pretty solid following after the two love birds began their viral career on YouTube, and now with the release of their debut album “Hello” today, you can get to know them even better.

I love Karmin. I can’t hide it…their melodies are catchy and I feel happy when I listen to their songs, no matter what mood I’m in. So in honor of the engaged duo’s release, I’ve broken down all the tracks one by one while giving you a chance to take a listen.

1. Walking On The Moon

The song has a hip hop vibe while still being the mainstream pop style that Karmin embodies.  When you take your first look at Amy Heidemann, you wouldn’t guess the girl from Nebraska could rap, but she can hold her own. And Nick Noonan adds the piano to back up Amy’s rapping in the verses, then in the chorus, he adds harmonies to Amy’s melody as well as still banging the chords out on the piano. Walking On The Moon is one of my favorites on the album.

2. Brokenhearted

It’s a sure thing that no matter where you’ve been, you’ve heard this song. This song is more Amy than Nick, but you can still hear his harmonies on the chorus. This song is pretty much female empowered. It’s definitely one of the more poppy songs on the record, with an upbeat tempo that will embed the song in your head for the rest of the day.

3. I Told You So

All right, let’s just recognize the elephant in the room already…Beez In Da Trap. Yes, this song will be compared to the Nicki Minaj track, but the difference is that this song can receive airplay without an edited version. This song also has a space age vibe to it. Just listen to the backing track. I feel like the video should be of them in silver moon man suits as they are walking on the planet Jupiter.

4. Too Many Fish

Now for the other elephant in the room…Beyonce. This song sounds a lot like Crazy In Love…and it’s hard to imagine anyone sounding like Beyonce. It’s not the entire song, but there are bits and pieces that will make you say, “Oh yeah…I hear it.” It’s mainly the chorus of both songs which sound similar, but all in all, this song is one of my favorites. It also makes me think of goldfish.

5. I’m Just Sayin

Something about this song just makes me feel the need to work out. Maybe it’s the energy behind the rapping, but this song is one of the highlights on the album. Again, the blend of hip hop and pop is very apparent in this track and it works. Normally I’m not a fan of blending those two genres unless it’s two separate artists coming together in a collaboration, but Karmin does it well.

6. Coming Up Strong

Finally!! The track that will prove Karmin is a duo and not strictly Amy. If Nick wants to be considered a legitimate member of Karmin, he needs to push for this single to be released. Not only is it proof that he actually sings, but it’s also the only true ballad on the album. Something tells me this will be a single, and something else tells me this is only the beginning of Nick taking over lead vocals.

7. Hello

You’re welcome for this one. By far my favorite song on the album. Maybe it’s the dancey background beats, but this single needs to be heard. And again, Amy kills it on the rapping. I love the shout out to Nebraska. This song is what Ke$ha was trying to go for, but couldn’t quite get there, where as Karmin nails it.

The album as a whole is a win. It’s only 7 tracks long, but it’s their debut album. If this one goes well, they’ll be back in the studio in no time recording a 13 track record. If you’re as big a Karmin fan as I am, you’d have already pre-ordered this album, but if you haven’t, it’s available now! So go pick up your copy! You won’t be sorry!

-CJ Robinson CBS Orlando-

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