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On my way up to the studios this morning, I was standing in the elevator, eyes half open with sleep still on my mind, and all I could think about were awkward elevator conversations and annoying things people do in elevators. Well, there are things to steer clear of when in an elevator, here are 5 of them.

5. Say I think I’m sick. Are you kidding me?! I’m less than half a foot away from you and you feel the need to inform me you’re sick as you wipe your nose. At least if nothing else, I know to avoid you at all costs until you inform me on Wednesday of next week that you’re finally better, but then I’ll more than likely be sick and at home in bed.

4. Jump. Come on. We know kids do it, and it annoys most adults. But I think we’ve passed the age where jumping in the elevator is “fun” and now it’s simply annoying. (Yes, I’ve seen adults jump in the elevator when it’s stopping at a floor.)

3. Tell elevator jokes. You know, the jokes no one ever wants to hear in an elevator. “I heard maintenance said there was a cable that snapped yesterday on this elevator car….I’m kidding, hahaha.” It’s not funny, you just game me a mini-heart-attack.

2. Sing to the elevator music. I mean  really? Elevator music is never catchy and it’s never a song anyone knows. So please, hum in your head.

1. Have a loud phone conversations. I think 95% of us have been on the phone in an elevator, but normally you lower your voice or tell the person on the other end to hold on while you are in the elevator. If you’re going to talk loud in the elevator, don’t get mad at me when I listen.

So you see, there really are rules for pretty much anything, including taking a ride in the elevator. Remember these 5 tips and your next elevator excursion may not be so bad after all!


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