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Orlando’s own beloved Pastor Zachery Tims was found dead this weekend in a New York City hotel room.

WFTV has confirmed that Pastor Zachery Tims of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka was found dead at the W Hotel in New York City on Friday. Sources are saying that the New York City Police Department found Pastor Tims unresponsive on the floor of his hotel room, and pronounced him dead upon arrival.

News of the prominent pastor has left the Orlando community in shock and devastation. Pastor Zachery Tims was the former host of 102 JAMZ’s Gospel JAMZ and also the head Pastor at New Destiny Christian Center located in Apopka. The 102 JAMZ staff and Orlando community will surely miss him.

No further details about the cause of death have been released at this time. Leave your condolences in the comments section for Pastor Zachery Tims.

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Comments (146)
  1. Apostle Abner Ramos says:

    it is my prayer that the Lord will bring comfort to the family and the chuch. it is a sad time for the body of christ for the early departure of one of its most belovet sons, we will miss pastor Tim Zachery only for a shot time beacuse we know that we will see him very soon in heaven for our Lord Jesuschrist will come very soon for his church, recive our condolences and our respet for a life of victory of pastor Tim Zachery, thats for the legacy that you left.

    Apostle: Abner Ramos.
    hispanic church Centro de Alabanza y Restauracion in Altamonte Springs.

  2. Blanca says:

    My condolense goes to his family and there is no worlds to expres at this time, during this pain. Made God give you stregh at this moment. G.B.Y.All. Salm 23.1. and salm 27.1..

  3. prophetess lisa ayars says:

    Pastor Zachary Tims Jr. was a charismatic, energetic, inspirational pastor with fire that could
    touch ones spirit. he was unique in his gift of communication. he blessed all of us with a
    energy that will be unforgetable. He will be greatly missed.

    1. Pastor Smith says:

      Just curious prophetess ayars do u listen to 102 JAMS a lot

  4. John Stanko says:

    I loved Pastor Zach, He was a great Pastor and a wonderful man. He helped me in my great time of need.

  5. Rashonda says:

    My condolense goes to his family and it is a sad time for the body of christ for the early departure of one of its anointed man of God, we will miss pastor Tim Zachery.

  6. REv Donald mcIntyre says:

    My heart goes out to zachery Tim family and also his church family all I ask please stay with God because he will see you through don,t hold nothing in your heart that will keep you from seeing Jesus for your self. For the bible says let him without sin cast the first stone.

  7. Mary says:

    Life is amazing, we all may have lots of questions. No matter what has happened this man of God was determinded to point you in the right direction. I believe no matter what it looks like, Pastor Tims had a relationship with God. I am heart broken over the passing of Dr. Tims, I pray that we all will seek the king of kings for our very own lives. The best judges are the ones who judge their own life first.

  8. wilda maymi says:

    Doesn’t matter how you die, but what matter is that you won many for Christ and you did what he call you to do and the devil was angry , he thought he got you but Jesus say O no! he belong to me. I know that you are with Jesus walking side by side with him and you can’t believe how wonderful Heaven is. amen

  9. Crystal Randle says:

    My name is Crystal Randle and I am from Delcambre La. It was truly a blessing to listen to Pastor Tims on the Word Network. I could not wait until he would come on. I was full of sorrow and grief when I heard of his passing. His was and still is an inspiration in my life. He will be deeply missed. We loved him, But God love him best. Condolences to the family.

  10. Carol says:

    Hearing about Pastor Tims death was just like someone had punched me in the stomach and knocked all of the breath out of me for a second. Shocking, unbelievable. He was my daily morning java for years. My Prayers goes out to Mrs.Tims, the children, may God comfort you in the time of your loss. Great Man of God! I don’t believe the ending. I don’t believe he went out like that. Too strong in the lord. There is no possible way that he was doing what was said in the papers. Thank you for being in my life for so many years on the Word Network, TBN and so many other places I saw you on. To the family at New Destiny Church, don’t quit, he lives through you all. Celebrate the life and all that he gave and he sacrificed. To All of the kingdom family, may you be strong in the lord and I am praying for you all.

  11. Luke Easter says:

    Zachary Tims (In Memorial) No One Is Immune

    Once, twice, three times, maybe more, tell me what went wrong?
    No one is surprised about athletes but a pastor singing this song?
    8,000+ members in sunny Florida, two locations, Zachary Tims,
    Cocaine! Dead @ 42 preaching the word exactly how did it end?

    August 12, Big Apple, New York City, not answering the door,
    For his safety, hotel security broke in, OMG! Dead on the floor,
    Bolted from the inside, jewelry, personal belongings, all intact,
    No robbery, no assault, no wounds, foul play or deadly attack.

    Started his ministry with 4 people & by chance in a hotel room,
    What are the odds different hotel same location spells his doom?
    Envelop of white powder believed to be narcotics in his pocket,
    Well, now it makes sense for privacy he had to dead bolt lock it.

    New Destiny Christian Center began in 1966, despite his past,
    Attempted murder charges, addiction, prayed it would not last,
    Wife Rita left in 2008 as Zachary admitted an, “indiscretion,”
    She began Majestic Life Ministries, preaching’s her profession.

    They spent time together in Puerto Rico a week before his death,
    With their 4-kids, maybe depression digested in one last breath,
    Pastor Zachary was a regular on, “Praise The Lord” with TBN,
    August 20th he’ll be laid to rest surrounded by family & friends.

    Scandals so many scandals ending with death beginning at birth,
    No matter race, creed, color, who you know , what you’re worth,
    We train and tame wild animals but not the mouth, too many lies,
    When the, “Almighty” says it’s time to depart no one can survive.

    1. very nicely put! I read many of the comments about this man and it seemed he touched a lot of people but PLEASE CHRISTIANS DO NOT IGNORE almighty God wants us to learn from this!! ONLY GOD KNOWS A PERSON INSIDE AND OUT people only show us what they want us to see. I think God is sending a message to his people that time is up for double life styles and games!

  12. Randypaison@yahoo.com says:

    Pastor Zac Tims we will miss u dearly as u were an inspirational to us all. The message that u shared with us during ur visit to U.K at Jesus Kingdom Church in Gloucester, at the Conference will forever mean alot to my life. M.Y.E.S.R.I.P Brandie Paison U.K

  13. Stephenie M Lartey says:

    May GOD bring strength and peace to the family and church and understanding. Mr. Tims was a positive and uplifting man. I enjoyed watching him on T.V and getting spiritual messages.He will be missed!

  14. Prophetess Mary D. says:

    To the Tims Family and Church Family:

    No nobody knows but, God. To the Tims family, i never knew Pastor Tims personally but,
    one thing for sure he taught his followers to bless other families. He did, do the work in the
    ministry, as well as his followers. When people in a whole lives are changed, because they
    truly see love shared, outreach work being done, and families being blessed by the Man or Woman of God. God is pleased with the work that was done, the family in the neigborhood seen the full manifestation of the labor of love from this Man of God and his Church family. God blessed you all, i pray for the family and church families strength and faith to continue to trust God, through their lost. Also, continue working in God vinyard.

  15. DK says:

    No matter what this flesh goes through, God is still a wonderful God! Pastor Zachery was a special man of God and the end will never erase this. I was inspired by his timely, personal messages of redemption. I have family members whom God have allowed to rest and it takes me back to scripture, Luke 11:24-26. May his soul rest and may God bless the family.

  16. ZORA says:

    Pastor Tim, though I do not know who you were of even listened to any of your sermons, I convey this message and feeling of sadness to your family and friends in USA. I live in London, and was on my facebook page when i saw the message on T.D Jakes Ministries/The Potters House status. May your Soul Rest in Peace. JESUS IS LORD!

  17. G. Seaberry says:

    I am absolutely shocked and heart-broken to hear of this news. I have no idea why, but I am just learning of this today (08/26/2011). I thought Dr. Tims was one of the most inspirational speakers out there today. In my mind, he could stand toe-to-toe with the best of them in terms of his ability to inspire people and to encourage people in the Lord. I never had the honor of sitting in on one of his sermons personally, but I listened to him often on t.v. especially during his host-appearances on TBN’s “Praise The Lord”. It in in this respect that I will miss him most. I love watching, the “Praise The Lord” telecasts with Clifton Davis and some of the other hosts, but whenever I tuned in and saw that Pastor Tims was hosting, I would literally clap, right there in front of my t.v., because somehow, no matter how low I was feeling, he always seemed to have a word “especially for me” that spoke to my heart and lifted my spirit. May God bless and keep the Tims family and heal the broken hearts of all who mourn the death of this man of God, and may God have mercy on us all…

    1. John Dalton says:

      “PTL” means ” Pass the Loot “

  18. Tara says:

    This pastor was an incredible man of God. I just found out of his death moments ago. I record his shows daily on the Word Network and on the weekends just drink in the word preached by Dr. Timms. My heart aches. Everytime I am depressed and hurting, I revisit my DVR recordings. He imparted so much into my life. I wanted to experience his service personally in Orlando. Gone too soon. I know I will get to meet you in heaven. The tears that are on my face, I beg you Jesus to help me and so many others get thru this devastating time. I can’t say goodbye cause I know in my heart I will meet him on the other side. With my deepest affection and respect, Tara from MIami, Florida

  19. godfrey williams says:

    He too had a thorn in his flesh , in his weakness we see the strength of God

  20. sylvia jordan says:

    wow this is a shock, i cant believe this has happen, i am so sorry to hear a great man of GOD has pershished, my name is ‘sylvia Jordan from , Boston,Ga. I send a special to his family.

  21. Ralph Owens says:

    To the tim family may you have my deepest sympathy in your time of grief and may GOD bless you and keep during this terrible time .
    Ralph Owens

  22. Hanah says:

    why are you all surprised?? This man has been cheatign on his wife with many women and on top stripe girls!! you can’t cheat your wife, and even more G.od. Why americans are in one hand claiming G-od and on the other, crucify Jesus again, via their pastors?? Benny Hinn, Paula While were not they together flirting in Rome, Italy? Tims was he not the fist adjoing pastor to Hinn? Birds who fly together…you know what I mean…G-od is to be feared not to be mocked – when you sin and use the name of G-od , you are calling on yourself curse and Sodhome and Gomorre…After G-od blessed this man, he went and overuled the 10 commandments …G-od cannot continue use such people…wake up, believers and pray for true salvation. Yesshouah did not die in vain…let us stop being hypocrites and call sin a sin…It is sad for Tims family, who were publicly humiliated, and now see their father, and for Riva , the man she trusted once, found dead consumming drugs!! Let’s pray for the family, and ask G-od for peace in their life. Mr Tim was playing with death the day he started cheating his wife…death had power over him. May G-od forgive him, for the sake of his wife and children. Either you defend His kingdom, or you do not belong to Him – Jesus said, you cannot be loving life and death, serving God and Mamon…why are americans not opening their eyes to the word of G-od??? Repend, convert and refuse flesh desire. And G-od will heal your nation. Hanah

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