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Pastor Zachery Tims Found Dead

Orlando’s own beloved Pastor Zachery Tims was found dead this weekend in a New York City hotel room.

WFTV has confirmed that Pastor Zachery Tims of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka was found dead at the W Hotel in New York City on Friday. Sources are saying that the New York City Police Department found Pastor Tims unresponsive on the floor of his hotel room, and pronounced him dead upon arrival.

News of the prominent pastor has left the Orlando community in shock and devastation. Pastor Zachery Tims was the former host of 102 JAMZ’s Gospel JAMZ and also the head Pastor at New Destiny Christian Center located in Apopka. The 102 JAMZ staff and Orlando community will surely miss him.

No further details about the cause of death have been released at this time. Leave your condolences in the comments section for Pastor Zachery Tims.

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One Comment

  1. Phyllis says:

    Its praying time Brothers and Sisters. Lets be generous in prayer and budget our public and private words wisely by showing our love toward Pastor Tims’ family and the congregation of New Destiny. This same love is what we would want if this kind of thing befell us and it is exactly what Christ would want us to display….genuine concern and unconditional love and compassion for Family. Please don’t give the enemy opportunity to run rampant from anything we say or do. Love on one another with the love of Christ and blanket this family in prayer.

    1. KEEPIN IT REAL says:

      The report on pastor tims is that it was a gun shot or drug over dose that took his life.The report also says it will be monday before the cause of death is know.It is sad that a man of the church and leader for so many people would loose his live this way.Feel sorry for his four children and his ex wife that they have this to deal with now.Four more young children that will grow up with out a father in there lives.For as bad as my words may seem they are the truth in what has happened the last couple days to this family. MY LOVE TO THE TIMS FAMILY.

      1. WOW! The complete story will come out soon. Condolence’s to the family.

      2. Prophetess Cassandra Agnew says:

        Please let keep what we heard or think in prayer..we need to think on thing that are lovely, pure , honest and just .. if there be any virtue and praise… think on those things… I choose to be the word…

      3. Adrienne Hardy says:

        I’m so saddened. I never met him. Saw him on TV. I knew he was human,but so am I. Ill not cast any stones. But Lord have MERCY on his family and the body of Christ .P Lease Father send a pastor to finish the good work you started at New Destiny Church in Jesus name!! amen. LOVE one another as Christ has Loved the church.In the end that is all there will be LOVE. R.I.P

      4. Manny says:

        Where you get this info?

      5. Not a Shock says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a drug overdose. I feel for his family and church community, but I never felt his spiritual commitment was genuine.

      6. Mary says:

        OMG I was so close to the scene I wish I could of done something for him, OMG my Lord Jesus. My thoughts and prayers for Pastor’s family and congregation. Never met him but he was sure a vessel of honor used God used him many times to speak to my life.
        People of God let’s pray for one another and forget our differences, let’s pray for our Pastor’s they are in the battle front for our souls let’s pray for them while we have them around. Let’s love them with our prayers, let’s unite now more than ever. Let’s be the family Jesus intended for us to be like the disciples united praying for one another.

      7. Rev. Cowser says:

        FEC1 Our tears and prayers gout out to your family, we will miss your presence in our lives and may the lord welcome you into His Kingdom with these words well done my good and faithful servant, rest in peace man of God, we all have a God shaped hole in our hearts that only He can fill because only He knows how lonely the walk of a pastor is

  2. A. Mitchell says:

    I can’t believe the news about Dr. Zachary Tims!!! I’m speechless!

  3. keyla865 says:

    i still cant belive that that man is gone. every single thursday we went to new destiny and to be honest, hes the main reason i liked to go there. we went last thursday and he wasnt there. And its so freakin unbeliveable to hear that he died the day after we went. i cant rap my head around it. Its just so sad.

  4. carmen says:

    My prayers go out to his family and his church family. May God comfort everyone that knew him and his family. My heart and prayers go out to his children.

  5. Leigh-Anna Thompson says:

    I feel sad and devastated for his familys loss. I hope the love, kindness and prayers can ease some of their pain. I know I’m wrapping my arms around them in love and prayer virtually.

    1. Father, God, may you comfort the Timm’s family. Minister to his family as well as to the church family.

      May You my Lord, be glorified O God through this tragdey.

      He’s going to be missed, but we know Lord that he is home with You, and may that comfort his family.

      In Jesus’ Precious Name. Amen †

  6. Our hearts and prayers go out to the Tims family in the passing of Dr Zachary Tims,
    had the pleasure of having lunch with him in Columbus, Ohio. He was a great man.
    Elder Michael Reeves, Columbus, O

  7. Olivia says:

    I just wanna cry right now…and my prayers are with his family.

  8. im so sorry to hear bout this

  9. Olivia says:


  10. Kimberly says:

    I am so sorry to hear of Pastor Tims’ death. I join with everyone else’s prayers and condolences, asking God to bring comfort to his family and friends as only he can.

  11. leehill says:

    There are times that life brings a shock that makes it seem like we are living in a dream. This man of God was so highly respected for the Word of the Lord that he delivered! Yes he may have made mistakes but who hasn’t and we believe that the Lord is the God of forgiveness. I pray for the family at this time of sorrow but also the celebration of the life of this man of God!

    1. Jackie LaSane says:

      I totally agree with every word that you, leehill eloquently wrote. The only thing left to say is…..Amen!!!!!!!!

  12. Lizzette Perez says:

    This new is not only shocking but extremely unbelievable. Prayers out to his family, friends and congregation. Pastor Tims will be missed.

    Lizzette Perez

    Read more: Inspirational Video Messages http://102jamzorlando.radio.com/2010/05/27/inspirrational-video-messages/#comment-10473#ixzz1V3muwdrD


  14. Prophet K.J. Horton says:

    Saints, it’s praying time! Pastor Tims will be missed tremendously! He was a great preacher and teacher as well… Rumours have been spreading but regardless, he was an anointed man of God. Let’s not talk and gossip, but keep his family uplifted in prayer! Be blessed!

    1. Prophet Horton,
      So true and thanks for the word

    2. Dave says:

      Prophet, this should be more of a wake up call to those in the ministry. Too often those in position of authority are quick to tell lay people not to judge or talk and to look the other way. But where much is given much is required.The Bible also instructs the saints in how to deal with people who are in the ministry but have fallen. Im not saying this man has. He may have died of natural causes as far as any of us are concerned. But honestly, those who claim to be doing a work for the Lord need to first examine themselves. Saints of God have a right the demand that those who labor among them are worthy and above reproach.Examine your own ministry and encourage those to do the same because lets face it…there’s alot of sin coming out of the pulpit and despite one’s calling, they have to give an account just like the rest of us.

      1. Daniel says:

        I agree with you Dave, those who are in the pulpit have to realize at the day of judgment they will be judged by God by a harsher standard, I pray for his family. Times are getting serious so those in the pulpits need to approach the altar in humility and in full honor of God. This is not the time to play church.

      2. Scherriea says:

        I was very shocked to hear about his passing and then the rumors that surrounded his death. I don’t want to judge him, but I do want to say that Christians need to get it right before God makes it right. God is cleaning house and all dirt will be swept away! I loved Pastor Tims and have followed him on TV for the past 7 years. I pray that his soul is resting in the Lord. But to us that remains behind…GET IT RIGHT..CLEAN HOUSE..INSPECT OUR OWN LIVES. LIVE WHAT WE ARE PREACHING! God bless and RIP Pastor Tims

    3. leon says:

      I agree with you Sir. Please lift me up in youyr prayers. I almost lost my way too after b nearly 30 years in the faith. God bless.


  15. Beverly Anderson says:

    My prayer and well wishes go to the Timms family we missed him on the eastside this morning It seemed liked i knew him forever I watched him on the word network then when I moved to orlando I met him when I start visiting the eastside location I am speechless he was a wonderful person, my condolences to his children and his family and to entire ndcc family let us all be in prayer at this time

  16. Valerie Marquez says:

    We knew something had to be wrong when he didn’t show up for todays service. It just wasn’t like him to miss a whole days service and no one know where or what went wrong. I am truly sadden by his untimely death, his teachings were like no other, filled with love and humor. I thank God to have had the opportunity to be blessed by his teachings. He will be missed! Prayers go out to his family…

  17. kene onyeka says:

    May the God of all comforts, comfort his family at this time of loss.
    It is well.

  18. On behalf of CMJ Resources/Cora Miles Jefferson-The 411 Radio Show, FGAG-Orlando Gospel Announcers Guild and The Mime Boyz we are deeply sad to hear of our dearly beloved Pastor Tims death. His memories will always be with us and to the family, church family we love you all dearly and are here for you as all always. Be strong and know that God is a KEEPER! No one knows the hour nor the day when we shall leave this earth but GOD KNOWS! Again we love you all and DON’T GIVE UP!

  19. Theresa Watson says:

    Just want to give god thanks for he knows just what we need and that is that we as a family continue to put our trust in him may God’s peace surround Pastor Zachary Tims family during this time

  20. Cleveland says:

    This is a sad day for the church, we have lost a brother, a friend, a prince of the faith, may your soul rest now my brother. You will truly be missed. I love u Pastor Zach

  21. Phyllis says:

    My prayers are with his family and church. I will miss him on TBN…OMGoodnes, God Bless his soul.

    Phyllis, of GA

  22. Logan family says:

    My pray go out to Pastor Zachery family. We will all missed your inspiring words. Thank you for helping me find god again. Without god we are nothing.

  23. Adanse says:

    Regardless of what happened, we are called to pray, not to judge. Let’s just pray for the family and the congregation. Let our hearts not be heavy.

  24. kim intransition says:

    Its hard to believe Pastor Tims has fallen asleep. Lord please be with his family and church family as well. God Bless

  25. Pamela says:

    What a tragedy,I will turly miss him especially hosting the TBN show he always had the best guest speakers who were very anointed. My sincere condolences to his love ones, family and friends my prayers are with them.

  26. My heart and prayer goes out the whole Tims family . God is yet faithful!

    My son loved pastor Zac!

  27. Elder Robin McQueen,

    God is yet faithful !

  28. Mrs. Knowles says:

    Wow…so sad!!! My prayers go out to his family and members of his church.

  29. Lady G. says:

    On the behalf of G.F.T. Ministries, you are not alone.
    The saints of God are here spiritually with you in prayer.
    Please except what God allows, for he knows best, and he will heal your broken heart in due time.

    Love you in Jesus name.

  30. Bridgett Mitchell says:

    I am still in shock that my spiritual father has passed. I thank God for allowing me to have sat under Dr. Zach’s leadership for many years…he taught me the Word and I am grateful to have known him as my pastor and leader. Dr. Zach was a great man!

  31. Darlene says:

    My heartfelt prayers are with the Tims family!

  32. La'wanna Dixon says:

    My prayers are with the Tims family. It was unfortunate that Pastor Tim’s life had been publicized with a few personal demons. Nevertheless, it appeared as if he was turning his life in a positive direction. We all fall short in the body of Christ and are certainly not called to judge, least of all me. I was not a member of Pastor Tim’s flock. I have However, had an opportunity to meet many members of Dr. Tim’s congregation over the years. Based on personal experiences that has been shared with me by many of his members, it was apparent that Pastor Tim was reaching and changing the lives of many members in his congregation as well as in his outreach in the Central Florida community. Pastor Tim’s will be greatly missed. We are all sisters and brothers in the body of Christ, let us continue to lift the Tim’s family in prayer as they are grieving Pastor Tim’s untimely death.

    La’wanna Dixon

  33. Zoe says:

    Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. At this time I pray the God of All comforts be with Tims family and his church family. Our God remain faithful. Reading this news of Pastor death had shook me it is time to lived in readiness. God have mercy!!!!

    1. Yes Zoe, may he have mercy on us all Amen.

  34. Pastor Andre D. Woods says:

    My prayers go out to the family of Pastro Tims!

  35. Vronika says:

    Wow. This is unbelievable. I enjoyed watching him on the Word network. I’m praying for his family and congregation.

  36. Bryan Parker, M.P.A. says:

    God bless all who are sadden by the news of his death. In honor of pastor’s life, let make extra efforts to lead souls to Christ.

  37. My prayers are with the Tims family and with the church. May Gods peace cover their hearts at this time.

  38. Chakina Coleman says:

    My heart is very heavy after hearing the news my prayers go out to the family and the church members.

  39. This is shocking news! Prayers are with his wife and two children!

  40. Angie says:

    Sympathy to the family for it is always sad when you lose a love one…But keep it real he was a man that for whatever reason strayed away and played with a stripper.

  41. esther says:

    i am saddened by this news. May his soul rest in enternal peace.

  42. Rodney Adkins says:

    God be with you

  43. Andrea Stevenson says:

    My prayers are with the Tims family especially his children…. may God be with you during this time of sorrow…remember weeping may endure for a night but JOY comes in the morning

  44. L. Peppers says:

    I just can’t believe he is gone. i just saw him on TBN! i loved to hear him preach and teach. i just want to cry right now. i am praying for his ex-wife and his children.

  45. Charita Jackson says:

    This is a shocker for real, We hadn’t seen him for awhile and when we did just this Friday, we all agreed how much he he favored Will Smith. We are going to miss him so much. God keep his family strong.

  46. Ms.C says:

    Pastor Zachery Tims was a good pastor! I watch him every now and then on ch.20. Even though dead is hard to hear,Pastor Tims was saved and he always help less fortunate. So the Bible tells us not to mourn,but give God praise,because to be absent from the body is to be present w/the LORD!!! hallelujah!!!!

  47. Zondra Helmes-Harris says:

    Zondra Harris-What a loss. The Orlando Community is Devastated. Such a young anointed God fearing person. He has ministered to us before day in the morning when we can’t sleep. I enjoyed him in the middle of the day. He was a beautiful leader and a preaching, teaching, holy ghost filled young anointed man. He will be greatly missed. God bless all of New Destiny family and his immediate family and most of all the kids. Our condolences, We love you all. God Bless You.

  48. Ms.T Holloway says:

    I pray the Lord provide answers and comfort and strength for the family at this time. I enjoyed watching and learning from Pastor Tims.=)

  49. Evangelist Myles says:

    I received a phone call last night just as I walked in from church. The pastor that phoned me knew just how much I loved Pastor Zachery Tims. He reminded me so much of Will Smith and also one of my brothers. He was just in Rockford, Illinois a few weeks ago and I encouraged one of my younger sisters to go out to hear him and she enjoyed him as well. May God’s arms wrap around the famliy (the ex-wife, the children, his church family and world viewers/lovers) at this time to provide comfort. Know that we believe that Zachery will be going to heaven when judgement day comes.

  50. Novella Jones says:

    I watched Pastor Tims on tv everyday and i’m going to miss him But as much as i’m going to miss hearing the word from him guss God needed him more.My Prayers go out to the family.

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