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Do You Care About The Casey Anthony Case Or Not?


casey anthony mug 385 Do You Care About The Casey Anthony Case Or Not?

Casey Anthony Mug


As the Casey Anthony Case continues to roll on and it appears to be on every national & local television network, I am left with the question – does anyone still care?

Recently, my co-workers & I were talking about the case and she was extremely passionate about the case and she has followed it from the begin (she is like a human Casey Anthony timeline) and she thinks I should talk about it during the Rickey Smiley Morning Show.  On the other hand, I could care less about the case.  So since I am a woman of the people, I decided to put up a poll and let you (the listener) make the call.  Should 102 Jamz talk about the Case Anthony case and do you care?


One Comment

  1. grayeyes says:

    yes,i,ve followed this case and what i would like to say is this.if casy was raped .and i dont think she was.caylee had nothing to do with that.any mother that looses sight a child for 5-min pantics.and for casey not to report this small tiny child missing is just beyond any parent.matter fact as to this day casey never reported her missing the grandmother did.and now to watch her blame everyone for this child murders is just crazy. what could her mother and father think of her now i dont think they ever dreamed the blame would shift to them.first the nanny,then the reader meter,then the boy friend.and this list goes on.good thing jose baiz is now sitting on the other side of the room does he feel like he,s next i mean there kind of running out of people to pin this on.poor cindy and george,what could they possibly.think of there poor little casey now that she put this whole thing on them

  2. ms.DEE says:

    they have been talkin about it for so long on the news that i change the channel every time it appears to be on. i think with a Ricky smiley TWIST:) it would be interesting to talk about. No their is no humor in the loss of a child…but to “get on” how unprofessional the POLITICAL side of things are being handled..i would definitley enjoy that!!!

  3. fed up says:

    Look at the response of person number 2 (grayeyes). Absolute moron, can’t even put together a coherent thought or sentence. THESE are the kinds of people who really get into this Casey Anthony nonsense. I feel ashamed to be an American because the entire country is filled with people like grayeyes. Seriously, why should anybody care about this case. Why is it on the national news channels, and why is it such a hot-button issue for morons like Nancy Grace and Jane Velez Mitchell. The news should report just that – the news. Get a life, people.

  4. hutchinson_p says:

    casey anthony is innocent her entire family has victomized her the tre culprit is one of her family members. she is guilty of lying and neglect god help her.

  5. Bewill says:

    First and foremost, I have a great deal of sympathy and may God bless the soul of that sweet Child.The Constitution of Our great country,suggests that in the court of law a person is innocent until proven guilty, and in a capital case (murder, kidnapping, rape etc.) Guilty. Beyond a reasonable doubt,that extends to or beyond, the Basic four elements of the crime, That being Motive,(a true reason to commit a murde or crime such as financial gain) Oportunity (placing a person or persons at the scene of the crime at the time of death) A murder weapon(A connection of the murder weapon and the murderer must be established, such as finger print or DNA) Last and most A Body,(Although convictions have been adequated with-out the presents of a body, those cases ability for an appeal were very likely) All of these elements must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, not circumstantial evidence but solid not doubtful evidencen That is why O.J. Got aqquitted the evidence were contaminated. This is only My educated opinion. It is just as great of a tragity for a not guilty person to be put to death as it is for the reasoning of the trial in the first place. May God Bless the Jurors because that’s who should decide (Not the Media nor N. Gr#@e) And GOD bless America

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