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clifton powell 385 Actor Clifton Powell Defends Tyler Perry Against Spike Lee!

(Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Pantages Theatre)

Spike Lee has been talking reckless about Tyler Perry and his projects, and that has actor Clifton Powell coming to Tyler’s defense. Tyler has taken the high road on this and has asked to speak in person with Spike over his displeasure.

According to Hiphopwired.com:

Clifton Powell is one actor who is not a Spike Lee fan.

During a recent interview with the Russ Parr Morning Show, the actor known for roles in Next Friday and Ray, voiced his opinions of Spike Lee, and the movies producer’s negative comments towards Tyler Perry.

Powell said:

“I don’t like Spike, for real. I’m just saying it publicly on the radio. Spike is a hater. He was doing all these movies, Sam and all these guys know he’s a hater. He kept all the money, there was lawsuits against him… I’m from the streets and you gotta carry your people.

We talk about what “The Man” does; Spike need to go sit his punk a** down, and stop talking about Tyler Perry.”

“Tyler Perry was homeless about 10, 12 years ago and Spike wasn’t writing him no checks. I think it’s wrong, and I shouldn’t do this, but I don’t like Spike Lee because I don’t like his politics as it pertains to how he deals with African Americans. I’ve auditioned for Spike several times, he kept all of us waiting for hours. It was insulting.

He’s made people fly across country, pay for themselves and come to auditions. Spike is the worst, and he needs to go sit his punk a** down. If you got a problem with it Spike I’m right here and I’ll beat your punk a**.”

“He has never hired me, I don’t really care, because I would never want to work with him… Tyler has found his genre. The problem with being African-American in film as a producer, you have to be so worried about stepping on toes.

We have just a few outlets in terms of the dimensions we are as a people. ]We zero in because there are not enough dimensions of what we do.”

Well, damn.

He called Spike Lee a “hater.” That’s the funniest story we’ve written all week.

Don’t expect to see Clifton Powell in any Spike Lee joints any time soon, but it’s not like Spike had him in any movies to begin with.

I agree with Clifton that there is too much hate going on on Spikes end and for what reason? Tyler hasn’t said or done anything wrong to him to deserve such reckless talk about him. I am no longer a Spike Lee fan!

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Comments (5)
  1. laurette says:


  2. Brenda Davis says:

    Tyler Perry base his movies on real life facts and he always has a good point and answer in lifting a person’ s spirit. I am not a Spike Lee movie fan and have never been. I say Tyler keep doing what you’re doing because it’s a gift from God and you are doing what he leads you to do. Be strong and don’t let no one crush your spirit there are a lot of us that love and support your movies and plays. Keep Madea going.

  3. tonya c says:

    God has blessed Tyler Perry in more ways than once. How can someone like Spike Lee indicates that his movies are degrading to african americans but lets not go there with the movies that has been produced by Mr. Lee including bamboozled which has black men faces painted in white paint. That movie along was degrading and should have never been aired. It was stupid and at some point racist. Tyler Perry are real life events based on what real people have been through not anything perceived. I pray that Mr. Perry continue to excel in all that he do and allow god to keep working in an around his life. People are quick to critized others but they’re life is not always as gravy as it seems. So before judging someone else think about your life and your situation because i guarantee you its far more worst than the person you are judging

  4. Tandra James says:

    You know this is the reason it is so hard for us as African Americans, because of people like Spike Lee. We as African Americans should help eachother in any way we can instead of putting eachother down and trying not to allow one person to have more than the next. Mr.Perry teaches us to put God first in everything that we do and allow God to lead our path. I am not going to speak bad of you Mr. Lee, but I will say for Mr. Perry thank you for being who you are because thanks to you Spike Lee, Mr. Perry is going to go higher because incase you didn’t know God makes our enemies our foot stool. So Mr.Perry please continue to let God use you so you will get your reward. I Love You…..

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