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Bin Laden Would Still Be Alive If They Found Him Naked?!

osama bin laden 385 Bin Laden Would Still Be Alive If They Found Him Naked?!

(Photo by Jason Kirk/ Getty Images)

As elated as the country is right now over the death of Osama Bin Laden, would Bin Laden still be alive if he was found naked? And the answer to that is…Possibly! But why?

According to my government sources:

More and more details have been coming out about the raid on OSAMA BIN LADEN’S compound. Here are some of the most interesting new highlights.

Nudity would’ve saved bin Laden’s life. According to a congressional aide, if bin Laden had been naked, it would’ve been clear he didn’t have a weapon or suicide vest, so he would’ve been spared.

But when they got there, he was in pajamas. So . . . shot in the head.

Bin Laden hadn’t left the room in five years. When bin Laden’s wife was interrogated after the raid, she said they hadn’t left one room in the compound for FIVE YEARS.

Bin Laden banned his children from joining Al Qaeda. In his will, bin Laden specifically names his two last wishes: That his wives don’t remarry, and that his children never join Al Qaeda.

He wrote the will in December of 2001. And in it, he predicts that if he does get killed, it will be because of, quote, “treachery” of the Al Qaeda members around him.

Some documents with NASTY terror plans were found in the compound. Some of the papers that were taken from the compound show Al Qaeda was considering attacks on key U.S. cities and trains.

In fact, they were apparently targeting U.S. railroads for the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 . . . which is this September.

I’m so glad he has dressed, as is most of the country!

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One Comment

  1. Really dont care says:

    Dont take this the wrong way but…what i want to know is this, if Bin Laden got his brains blown out in a room that is located somewhere on the East side of Pakistan, that he supposedly hasn’t left in 5 years then what in the hell was the Iraqi War all about? Where over 4,000 of our troops have been killed and there was NO weapons of mass destruction found.

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